Press Release – Investinblue to hold ‘stormy’ debate during IFB2016

Day one of Investinblue, (15-16th June) will include an interactive, industry lead, panel debate, highlighting the environmental challenges faced by the maritime industry.
“This House believes that the UK and other countries are meeting the economic resilience requirements to address increasing storms” will be the topical debate closing the first day of the Investinblue conference, taking place during IFB2016.
Peter Green, CEO of National Maritime (NMDG), organisers of Investinblue, said; “The debate will essentially focus on the increasing ratio and force of storms, and whether the UK and other countries may have to re-address the economic resilience factor and necessary infrastructure and innovations that may be required.” The complex pattern of storm damage affecting economic marine activity, inland urban and rural areas and key infrastructure is questioning whether existing resources and capabilities are sufficient. It is likely that if economic activities and growth plans are to be realised, the scale and approach towards such resilience may have to be more transformational.
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