National Maritime’s first Investinblue conference

More than a year in the planning, National Maritime’s first Investinblue conference attracted thousands of visitors to Liverpool’s Exhibition Centre for a two-day event showcasing major developments in the maritime sector.
Organised with the aim of encouraging businesses from all over the world to invest in the UK’s maritime infrastructure and expertise, the event also heard from figures such as UK Chamber of Shipping chief executive Guy Platten and government minister Anna Soubry. Welcoming guests to their event was National Maritime’s chief executive Peter Green. He said Investinblue aimed to highlight the importance of engaging the diverse sections of the industry with each other — ‘to take on the challenge of ensuring that the UK remains a global maritime power’. ‘We’re an island nation and a maritime nation,’ Peter told the Telegraph after the event. ‘Around 90% to 95% of all goods come into the country, so we’re hugely dependent on the industry. ‘At National Maritime, we call it the maritime connection. This is the whole collaboration. You could work in Lloyds of London — in the invisible trade — you could work on the River Thames, you could work in a port, you could work in renewables. It’s so diverse. If we showcase as a total you can get people interested in the industry.
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