First Officer (OOW) Unlimited

Application ends: July 14, 2022
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Job Description

POSITION:  First Officer

REPORTING TO: Ship’s Captain


Situated in the Bristol Channel, 11 miles off the North Devon coast, our client have their own passenger/supply vessel,

Our clients ship provides a seasonal operation comprising a passenger/cargo service from April until end of October from both Bideford and Ilfracombe.  From November to March she operates a cargo only service from Bideford.

Staying passengers are transported to the island by helicopter during the winter months which operates from our heliport at Hartland Point.



Officer of the watch (unlimited)


This is a permanent position assisting the Captain in managing the ship throughout the year, in all aspects of the ships operation, including, but not restricted to: All sailing activities and passenger safety and comfort, Safety management, Maintenance, Crewing etc.  This is not a live in position so you will need to located within commuting distance of Bideford and Ilfracombe, North Devon


The summer (BST) scheduled sailing season normally comprises the following schedule to include weekends and bank holidays, (dependent on when BST starts and ends):

  • Two sailings in March
  • Three sailings per week during April, May and June
  • Up to four sailings per week during July and August
  • Three sailings per week during September and October
  • Private charters and River cruises to meet customer demand

The winter sailing schedule is subject to demand from the Island and normally comprises of one sailing per month from Nov – March.

The First Officers position is based on a five day week.


The company’s winter helicopter service runs twice weekly from November – March and can also be utilised on days where bad weather restricts summer sailings. Ships crew are trained to act as Helicopter ground crew.


  • In charge of the co-ordination of cargo deliveries to and from the ship in co-operation with island staff, the stowing and lashing of cargo, the safe transport of cargo and its safe delivery onto the island jetty.
  • The loading of cargo within the ship’s stability parameters, as detailed in the Stability Book.
  • Cargo record keeping in the ship’s log, daily cargo manifest reports to the island on sailing days as soon as possible after loading.
  • The safety and training of crew assisting with cargo loading with special reference to the Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen.
  • The training and certification of selected crew in operation the crane and the adherence to safe working practices as detailed in the Code of safe working practices for Merchant seamen.
  • The day to day implementation of the Safety Management System (e.g. the filling in of daily pre sailing check lists, risk assessments, non conformities, record keeping, crew training)
  • The running of the general daily jobs of the crew and the support of the Information Officer in the allocation of duties to the bar, buffet and shop staff.
  • Record keeping of all Officers and crew days worked, and to plan the optimum number of crew in accordance with efficiency and statutory obligations.
  • The regular correction and record keeping (SMS) of all publications and charts on board.
  • The maintenance of the deck log.
  • The operation of the ship’s radio telephone and DCS equipment in accordance with his GMDSS radio certificate, and in times of distress working.
  • The training of new crew members in basic safety and duties to passengers in the event of an emergency.
  • The keeping of a navigational Watch as officer in charge.
  • Relief Captain when carrying 12 passengers or less.
  • Pilot exemption holder for Bideford and Ilfracombe.
Summary of Terms and Conditions


£37,000 per annum and the opportunity to join the Trust pension scheme after one years service.

Pension Scheme

There is a non contributory pension scheme which you may join when you have been with the Company for a year.  The  Company also operates a stakeholder pension arrangement, currently with Norwich Union, which you may join after completion of three months’ service and contributions will be deducted from your salary and paid to the insurer.


To suit the ships sailing and maintenance schedule, normally five days in every seven.


The holiday entitlement is 30 days per annum plus statutory holidays. The holiday year runs from 1 January to 31 December.  Due to the nature of the business holiday during the busy summer period will be restricted.


During the first 52 weeks of employment or the probationary period (whichever is the longer) you will only be paid your entitlement to SSP.  After this period you will be paid your salary during any absence up to three months in any 12 month period.  Where absence exceeds seven consecutive days and in certain other circumstances, a doctor’s certificate will be required.


The appointment is subject to satisfactory completion of an initial six months probationary period, though this period may be extended if more time is needed to assess suitability for employment.  During this period the post will be subject to a week’s notice on either side.  A minimum of one month’s notice in writing on either side applies after the end of the probationary period.


You are required to comply with the Health and Safety Policy at all times, and all notices and instructions regarding Health and Safety and Fire Prevention must be observed. You must also comply with all Health and Safety provisions of Maritime Law.


All officers and crew members are representative of the Company and vessel.  Therefore a strict uniform policy is in place on the Ship and must be adhered to during all sailings.  Uniform and PPE will be provided.

Jobs in Maritime recognises that it is essential to provide equal opportunities to all persons without discrimination.

We will not discriminate based on gender, race, marital status, disability, age, health, employment status, sexual orientation, or religion.

Applicants must have the right to work in the UK or hold UK permanent residency.