10 top tips to improve your interview performance

Do you know how to sell yourself to an interviewer?

Follow these top 10 interview tips to boost your chances of landing that dream job. Even the smartest and most qualified candidates need to prepare for their job interview.

Interview skills are learned, and there are no second chances to make a great first impression.

These 10 interview tips will teach you how to answer interview questions and convince the hiring manager that you are the one for the job.

The key to keeping relaxed at an interview is to be prepared for every eventuality.

  • Do your research; Read the Job description, learn about the company, learn who the competitors are, look at performance reports & the company’s ethos.
  • Be prepared! Get plenty of sleep the night before, plan your route, know what you are going to wear.
  • Dress for Success; smart, but comfortable, first impressions do count.
  • Questions; have questions prepared to ask in the interview; showing your interest in the role and the company.
  • Arrive early; 10 – 15 minutes, allowing for you to feel more relaxed; and to show you have excellent time keeping skills.
  • Body language; maintain eye contact, smile frequently, listen to the interviewer, use the correct language and communication skills. These will demonstrate engagement and attentiveness.
  • Develop a rapport with the interviewer; a sense of humour, ask the interviewer about themselves and the business, show interest in all areas. But do not go over the top.
  • Discuss your skills in relation to the job role and description; make the interviewer think you need to be a part of the company.
  • Enthusiasm; make sure you are energetic & enthused about the job, a firm handshake and confidence goes a long way.
  • End the interview on an encouraging note, using positive adjectives in your closing conversation.