CV is short for Curriculum Vitae, which is a Latin phrase which loosely translated means ‘the course of my life’.

A CV is a document which summarises your unique skills, character, experience and achievements, outlining a person’s academic and professional history which is used for applying for jobs and is an essential part of any job search, and a great way to put all of your skills, experience, and qualifications in one place.

A well written CV could be the difference between getting an interview and not being considered for the role.

Follow these key tips to help you brush up on your CV writing skills:

  1. Keep the design simple, choice of font and layout are key to making sure a would-be employer carries on reading your CV. Simple formats work best
  2. Limit your CV to a maximum of two A4 pages
  3. Remember to include your contact details
  4. Include a short professional summary about yourself at the beginning
  5. Think about what makes you stand out from the competition
  6. Include your stand-out skills, this shows the employer, at a glance, whether you are suitable for the vacancy
  7. Ensure there are no gaps and overlaps in dates of employment, education and training
  8. Start with your most recent qualifications and work back to the ones you received at school
  9. Ensure your CV is tailored for the job you are applying for referring to the Job description and spec throughout, making sure you are who they need
  10. Avoid tables and images, keep your document tidy and structured
  11. List your most recent work first, put everything in reverse chronological order
  12. Always check and proof-read before submitting your CV
  13. Send your CV together with a covering letter, this gives you an opportunity to sell yourself and impress a potential employer further